Human Behavior November 19, 2022

Working From Home With Children Around

Working From Home With Children Around

Having our children around while working from home is challenging.

  • They tried to speak to you when you were in a Zoom meeting, even after you have shushed them
  • They broke your focus by reading what you were typing on your email reply to your boss
  • They made some noise when you were calling your colleagues.

No matter how annoyed you felt. Really, if you think about it, they didn't have any intention of interrupting you. They don't even understand what interruption is.

They were just being inquisitive about something that they couldn’t help but ask you while you were still in a meeting. They were simply fascinated with the words appearing on the screen as you punched the keyboard. They accidentally dropped the toys that disturbed your work.

Easy in theory, but difficult in practice. When your focus is on your work, you wouldn't spare your willpower to consider your children’s state of mind. The easiest path is to spurn your children.

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