Philosophy November 19, 2022

Rewriting Your Past

Rewriting Your Past

If you have a one-way ticket to return to your 10-year-old self while retaining all your memories, will you use it? 

  • You could convince your parents to buy the Apple stock when it was still cheap and get rich when you sell it during adulthood.
  • You could start a lucrative business that is guaranteed to work.
  • You could score high at school and get to be a superstar student.

Bed of roses. An opportunity to change your life for the better. But, there is a catch. It also has a risk to make your life much worse.

You may fail to execute the high profit business that plunges you into a deep debt and forces you to liquidate all of your Apple stocks before they become profitable. You may marry a wretched spouse whom you perceived to be better than your current one.

When you are tempted to go back in time to fix something, think about what could go wrong that makes it even worse.

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