Human Behavior November 19, 2022

When Illness Extinguishes Love

When Illness Extinguishes Love

Tending to demented family members is truly a test of patience and endurance.

  • They may refuse to wear a face mask because of discomfort.
  • They may wander out of house and don't know how to get home.
  • They may say something they shouldn’t say. 

With their rude, distrustful, and rebellious behavior, are you clearheaded enough to recognize that their unregulated behavior is the direct result of their prefrontal cortex impairment—not something that they want to have if they don't suffer from the illness. Can you let go of the false accusations they confabulated? Easier said than done, indeed.

Add that to the daily stress ones already have, the struggle of the caregivers is real—even for the professionals.

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