Personal Development November 19, 2022

Better Than Yourself

Better Than Yourself

Comparing yourself with others yields different outcomes based on the sample size. 

If you are are a teacher, you could be the best teacher in a rural village (small sample size). You could be admired by the whole villagers and rank your achievement level as high.

If, however, you live in a capital city (large sampling size), you may feel intimidated by other teachers who were valedictorians. You may feel despair because you are not the best teacher in the city and rank your accomplishment level as low.

Holistically, you are still the same you, but the act of comparing yourself with others causes you to question your self-worth and possibly to diminish yourself.

Not that you must live in a small city to reduce competition, but you must realize that the mind’s tendency to compare with others can make you worse.

Your only object of comparison shall be your yesterday self. 

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