Philosophy November 19, 2022

It All Adds Up

It All Adds Up

We have been witnessing many unforeseen changes in life.

  • We wondered why our children suddenly became so disrespectful.
  • We are surprised by our unexcitable friend abruptly soared in career success.
  • We lamented the unanticipated tumor detected in our body.

What we rarely notice is that groundwork need a long time to take off.

  • We may have pampered our children for too long that they grew into recalcitrants.
  • Our friend may be sparing his free time polishing his skill that when an opportunity arose, he had the best chance to take his shot.
  • The tumor may have sprung out of the decades of consuming junk food.

But yet, we don't see them coming and still think that things change by leaps and bounds. Many unpredictable giant strides are the results of progressive accumulated effort behind the curtain.

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